Archives: August 2014

HEY Winnipeg!

Hi Winnipeg!

You are (most of our) hometown and we love you.

We will be closing out the night of the Prairie Barge Festival on August 30th at 9pm right after Deep Dark Woods.

Wanna be pals?

Wanna watch us try not to get sea sick on the river?

Here’s more info just in case you’re curious:,article/6136/the-prairie-barge-festival-to-showcase-the-music-art-and-culture-of-manitoba-and-saskatchewan

ALSO EVERYBODY (not just Winnipeg) i just added all the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour dates to our “tour” section just in case you were curious. You should jump on getting those tickets soon because i heard they are flying!

Here’s the best link to get those:

Talk soon…more news soon…etc etc etc