Light A Match Video – Pre-sales OUT TODAY

Exclaim! premiered the ‘Light A Match’ video today.

We are so excited for you to see this video made by Winnipeg’s own Mike Maryniuk.

Hope you like it!

ALSO in case you were wondering, you can pre-order ‘Light A Match’ the album today and get ‘Light A Match’ the single instantly. Just follow this link:

Go to our bandcamp and soundcloud pages to buy and stream the single as well.

We want you to get this music in your ears!

More to come soon…!

Meet the maker of our album artwork

We are so thrilled to have had Winnipeg’s own Kenneth Lavallee create an original piece for our upcoming album cover.

Don’t you wanna hang that shiz on your wall? I DO.

For more info on Ken’s work click his name in this post to go straight to his website. chicgamine-lightamatch-albumcover-highres-web

Vinyl Cafe Re-broadcast

Hey People!


We played on Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe in Brandon last year and CBC is rebroadcasting that show this weekend into next week!

Check it ouuuut:

Saturday 9am CBC Radio 2
Sunday 12pm CBC Radio 1
Tuesday 11pm CBC Radio 1




‘Light A Match’ Out Fall 2015

HI! Watch the video below! Feel the excitement that we have been keeping a secret for so long!


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information about pre-sales, touring and other exciting stuff.

Did I mention we are excited? Can you gather that from this post?





New Year New Stuff

Hey friends,

So here we are back in the swing of things after stuffing our faces over the holidays. Just before that though, we were recovering from the insanity and amazingness that was the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour with Stuart Mclean. We had such a wonderful time traveling across Canada with a crew of people we will never forget. If you came out to the shows THANK YOU for all the amazing support! We love you Canada!

We are busy preparing some new stuff for you but in the meantime let’s take a little “Throwback Tuesday” walk down memory lane and show a little interview from when we played the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany back in September! We did an In Bed With acoustic session of one of our NEWEST songs (like in a bed) and also did an interview. The session is coming soon but in the meantime if you want to see the interview click here —> In Bed With Interview

We talk about cats and dream and nightmares and chainsaws. Basically anything you’ve ever wanted to know about us.

Thanks for making our 2014 so great. We have many things to share about 2015 coming so soon!



Go to these Winnipeg stores to get “Christmas Vol.I”


So soon our new Christmas EP “Christmas Vol.I” is going to be up on, which means you’ll be able to order your very own physical copy anywhere in the world!

BUT i will say that if you live in the Winnipeg area, YOU ARE IN LUCK because my (Alexas) cute mother just distributed a bunch of CDS to some local stores for you to get your hands on.

HERE is the growing list of where you can pick up your very own copy of Christmas cheer, in the form of a CD, in Winnipeg:

Into the Music 

Music Trader

Folk Fest Music Store

Mcnally Robinson in Grant Park Mall

La boutique du livre

So go have a heyday and maybe buy one from each store! Just kidding just buy from whichever store you like.

NOW we are in Thunder Bay because we have our third show with Stuart Mcleans Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour tomorrow…looking forward to seeing the rest of you CANADA!




“Christmas Vol.I” AVAILABLE NOW!


Our Holiday EP “Christmas Vol. I” is released! Get ready to get into the spirit!

Available digitally on:

iTunes (Worldwide)


HMV Canada (HMV Digital)

7Digital (Worldwide)

AND (extra extra read all about it) it will be made physically available on VERY SOON! It will also be distributed to a variety of our hometown (Montreal/Winnipeg) stores, so you hometown babies can pick one up. We will keep you posted as they become available!

Also you can pick one up LIVE AND IN PERSON while we are on tour across Canada with Stuart Mclean’s Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour.

We can’t wait for you to hear it! HOPE YOU LIKE/LOVE IT!


Chic Gamine



Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer l’arrivée de notre maxi de Noël, “Christmas Vol. I”! Pour vous aider à rentrer dans l’esprit des Fêtes!!

Disponible en format numérique sur:

iTunes (monde entier)


HMV Canada (HMV numérique)

7Digital (monde entier)

De plus, “Christmas Vol. I” sera bientôt disponible en format physique via et chez tous les bons disquaires de nos villes natales (Montréal et Winnipeg) – pour que nos charmants co-citoyens puissent s’en procurer un exemplaire. Vous serez les premiers à connaitre les nouveaux points de vente!

Bonne écoute! Nous espérons qu’il vous plaise!!


Chic Gamine

Only 7 Days Until Our Christmas EP Is Released!!

The countdown begins!

Only 7 more days until you can have our 5 song Christmas EP in your hands and ears.

I will have more information for you soon as it draws closer but for now SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER to receive a sneak peak of the cover artwork on WEDNESDAY!

You can sign up on our homepage…just scroll to the bottom…enter your email address…and VOILA!

Also it just started snowing in Winnipeg today so i feel like this is the most fitting day to start getting REAL excited about the Holiday Season. STRAP ON YOUR SNOWSHOES AND LETS GET BIZAY.



chic gamine

Germany – We Comin’


We are playing in Germany this week!

Just about to leave for the airport here in Montreal so i thought i would write a quick little note about what we are up to in the next week.

We are in Germany for a good time…not a long time…so let’s have a good time and eat all the WURST we can.

We play in Hannover on the 16th, The Reepherbahn Festival on the 18th and 20th and then Neumunster on the 19th sandwiched in the middle there!

Look in our Tour section for more info on the shows.

Hope to see you over the pond!



HEY Winnipeg!

Hi Winnipeg!

You are (most of our) hometown and we love you.

We will be closing out the night of the Prairie Barge Festival on August 30th at 9pm right after Deep Dark Woods.

Wanna be pals?

Wanna watch us try not to get sea sick on the river?

Here’s more info just in case you’re curious:,article/6136/the-prairie-barge-festival-to-showcase-the-music-art-and-culture-of-manitoba-and-saskatchewan

ALSO EVERYBODY (not just Winnipeg) i just added all the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour dates to our “tour” section just in case you were curious. You should jump on getting those tickets soon because i heard they are flying!

Here’s the best link to get those:

Talk soon…more news soon…etc etc etc




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